Pin Bush Couplings

HI-TECH PB Series Pin Bush Couplings:
HI-TECH Pin-Bush Couplings are:
Cusion drive type providing resillient drive transmitting torque through Pins fitted with rubber Bushes which absorbs shock loads, torsional vibrations and misalignment.
These Couplings are easy to install as well as dismantle by withdrawing Pins. No lubrication is required. Their inspection can be done without dismantling them.
Range Manufactured: Flexible Couplings & Brake Drum Couplings.
Selection of HI-TECH Couplings be made on the basis of:
Characteristics of driven machine and duty conditons.
Load to be transmitted by the Coupling HP/RPM or torque. If absorbed power is not known calculate on power rating of prime power.
Diameters of the shafts to be connected.
Determine the Service Factor applicable to the Driven Machine/Prime Mover combination.
Multiply the normal Running Power or Torque by the Service Factor to determine DESIGN RATING of the coupling by either of the following formula:
Design Rating HP/100 RPM
Actual HP x SF x 100

Actual RPM

Design Rating in Torque Kgm/Nm
Actual HP x SF x 100
X 7.26 Kgm / 71.2 Nm
Actual RPM
After determining the design rating select coupling from RATING TABLE against same or higher Continous Rating. Check from DIMENSIONAL TABLE the required shafts diameters to be connected.
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